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The creation and development of the Mental Health Peel database is funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada, as part of a local initiative to enhance the capacity of the settlement sector in Peel to support newcomers who are coping with mental health issues. The “Mental Health of Newcomers in Peel” initiative was created and has been co-managed through a partnership of three organizations:
  • Catholic Crosscultural Services
  • Catholic Family Services Peel Dufferin
  • COSTI Immigrant Services

The partnership has been working together since early 2010 to achieve three main outcomes:
  • Increase awareness among frontline workers in settlement agencies and other organizations serving newcomers in Peel Region of the available services and resources on mental health related issues.
  • Identify and articulate the training needs of Settlement Workers on mental health issues, and develop a set of new training modules to meet these needs.
  • Develop a policy framework that settlement agencies can use to develop internal service delivery protocols related to clients with mental health and addiction issues.

The activities that are implemented through the “Mental Health of Newcomers in Peel” initiative include:
  • The creation of a comprehensive, “Settlement Worker friendly” inventory of mental health services in Peel Region.
  • The completion of a report that identifies the challenges and training needs of Settlement Workers in working with newcomers with mental health related issues.
  • The development, testing and evaluation of a set of new training modules for Settlement Workers on how to better screen and provide intervention for mental health related issues among newcomers.
  • The production of a Manager’s Toolkit to support managers of settlement agencies in developing related policies and best practices.
The Advisory Committee is always looking for input,
feedback and suggestions.
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To read about how the Mental Health Peel databases
were developed, read the Data Collection Report.
Download Report here

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